Dwellingup 100
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06 September 2014
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Team Result
64km Loop
38km Loop
13Craig COOKE04:18:33Open (Elite)1Male1  WA AUS 23.7 km/h02:40:5701:37:38
25Ben HENDERSON04:18:33Open (Elite)2Male2  ACT AUS 23.7 km/h02:40:5701:37:38
38Jon GREGG04:21:10Open (Elite)3Male3  WA AUS 23.4 km/h02:40:5701:40:15
46Nick MORGAN04:24:07Open (Elite)4Male4  VIC AUS 23.2 km/h02:41:0001:43:10
520Dave HIND04:26:00Open (Elite)5Male5  WA AUS 23.0 km/h02:42:2901:43:32
612Chris FISHER04:29:05Open (Elite)6Male6  WA AUS 22.7 km/h04:29:07
7303Ryan WILLMOT04:39:29Forces1Male7Navy - The Cranking Anchors WA AUS 21.9 km/h02:48:1901:51:13
811John CARNEY04:41:09Open (Elite)7Male8  WA AUS 21.8 km/h02:49:1401:51:57
9110Tom FORD04:41:4930-391Male9  WA AUS 21.7 km/h02:53:3701:48:17
1034Nick ALGIE04:48:2840-491Male10  WA AUS 21.2 km/h04:48:1900:00:14
11197Gavin MORTON04:48:4730-392Male11  WA AUS 21.2 km/h02:56:5001:52:09
12288Damon WICKI04:50:2340-492Male12  WA AUS 21.1 km/h02:56:2501:54:01
13258Damian THOMSON04:51:4640-493Male13  WA AUS 21.0 km/h04:51:54
14334Jason TASSELL04:52:0640-494Male14  WA AUS 21.0 km/h03:00:2501:51:49
1510Stu HELM04:52:09Open (Elite)8Male15  WA AUS 20.9 km/h02:59:3301:52:39
16217Patrick QUINLAN04:53:5030-393Male16  WA AUS 20.8 km/h02:58:5201:55:07
17356Andrew GRANT04:54:4740-495Male17  WA AUS 20.8 km/h04:54:4900:00:18
1882Andrew LUMLEY04:54:5318-291Male18  WA AUS 20.8 km/h02:57:4401:57:10
194Jenni KING04:55:54Open (Elite)1Female1  VIC AUS 20.7 km/h04:55:4100:00:15
2077Jonathan CHUA04:56:1430-394Male19  WA AUS 20.7 km/h04:57:1100:00:22
21113Jason AULD04:56:5240-496Male20  WA AUS 20.6 km/h03:03:0901:53:50
22276Cam ALGIE04:57:1930-395Male21  WA AUS 20.6 km/h02:56:2702:00:56
23271Matt VELEFF04:57:3330-396Male22  WA AUS 20.6 km/h03:00:5401:56:47
24123Daniel GRAY04:58:2940-497Male23  WA AUS 20.5 km/h03:01:2701:57:04
25140Alex HOPKINS04:59:3230-397Male24  WA AUS 20.4 km/h03:02:5301:56:45
269Dan HELM04:59:35Open (Elite)9Male25  WA AUS 20.4 km/h04:59:2900:00:10
27309Innes DAVIE05:01:0240-498Male26  WA AUS 20.3 km/h02:57:2102:03:46
28196Christopher MORGAN05:01:1940-499Male27  WA AUS 20.3 km/h05:01:1400:00:11
2950Lee BOLDEN05:02:2330-398Male28  WA AUS 20.2 km/h03:06:3501:55:54
30360Clive JONES05:03:0630-399Male29  WA AUS 20.2 km/h03:02:4302:00:27
31194Aaron MILWARD05:04:2830-3910Male30  WA AUS 20.1 km/h05:04:2200:00:12
32181Stephen MARKS05:05:0950-591Male31  WA AUS 20.1 km/h03:08:1501:57:05
33248Tobias STRUNK05:05:1640-4910Male32  WA AUS 20.0 km/h05:04:5800:00:26
34198Steven MOURITZ05:05:2140-4911Male33  WA AUS 20.0 km/h05:04:5900:00:29
35102Chris ERCEGOVICH05:08:3640-4912Male34  WA AUS 19.8 km/h03:04:2002:04:25
36345Lance PORTMAN05:08:4140-4913Male35  WA AUS 19.8 km/h05:08:3800:00:11
37347Darren JOYNES05:10:1540-4914Male36  WA AUS 19.7 km/h05:10:1200:00:09
38329Teague CZISLOWSKI05:10:2240-4915Male37  WA AUS 19.7 km/h05:10:1400:00:12
3947Paul BLACK05:11:3940-4916Male38  WA AUS 19.6 km/h03:08:1902:03:26
40225Alastair REID05:12:4930-3911Male39  WA AUS 19.6 km/h03:10:5402:02:10
41324David WESSELS05:13:0830-3912Male40  WA AUS 19.5 km/h05:12:5800:00:13
42257Chris THOMSON05:14:5330-3913Male41  WA AUS 19.4 km/h03:07:2102:07:38
43180Dan HOLMES05:15:4730-3914Male42  WA AUS 19.4 km/h03:05:0702:10:56
44231Nathan SCHMIEDTE05:15:5940-4917Male43  WA AUS 19.4 km/h03:10:5402:05:12
45343Tino GIBSON05:16:0630-3915Male44  WA AUS 19.4 km/h03:07:2302:08:58
4615Fernando DE ANDRADE05:16:58Open (Elite)10Male45  WA AUS 19.3 km/h05:16:4800:00:13
4795Lindsay DOVE05:16:5840-4918Male46  WA AUS 19.3 km/h05:16:5900:00:10
48215Blair PUGH05:17:5640-4919Male47  WA AUS 19.2 km/h05:18:0300:00:10
497Rohin ADAMS05:18:52Open (Elite)11Male48  VIC AUS 19.2 km/h05:18:4100:00:13
50243James STEPHENSON05:19:5230-3916Male49  WA AUS 19.1 km/h05:19:4300:00:13
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