2013 Perth Marathon
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16 June 2013
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
130Free racing 02:29:21Open Team1Male1
2178Flying Stars 02:31:36Open Team2Male2
3161EV Running 02:33:06Open Team3Male3
425Dlk 02:34:25Mixed Team1Male4
531Free-RBNJ 02:36:29Open Team4Male5
658Mamma Mia 02:38:00Open Team5Male6
7117Team Langford 02:40:49Open Team6Male7
8135The St Georges Terrace Running Club 02:44:56Open Team7Male8
912021Gy Seagulls 02:45:06Mixed Team2Male9
10179Northam Running Club 02:47:23Open Team8Male10
1112003T3m 02:48:49Female Team1Female1
12122Team SquashWorks 02:49:08Open Team9Male11
13186Chelle and Sean 02:52:12Mixed Team3Male12
14187Dna 02:53:22Mixed Team4Male13
15177Double Trouble 02:55:55Mixed Team5Male14
1612022Amys Team 02:56:19Mixed Team6Male15
1787Pumas 02:56:34Open Team10Male16
1843Guns N Rose 02:58:02Mixed Team7Male17
1912020Piglet And Pooh 02:59:55Mixed Team8Male18
20165Ready 03:01:02Mixed Team9Male19
2173Omr 03:03:13Open Team11Male20
22191Coates And Son 03:03:24Open Team12Male21
23138The Yoggers 03:03:39Mixed Team10Male22
2498Saggy Baggy Elephants 03:03:47Mixed Team11Male23
2561mBody Fitness 1 03:04:24Open Team13Male24
2633Front Runner A Team - 1 03:04:30Mixed Team12Male25
2712026Fincam 03:05:10Open Team14Male26
2812006Three Simons & a Kate 03:05:14Mixed Team13Male27
2977Perth Run Sisters 03:05:57Female Team2Female2
30170Step into Life Madeley C 03:06:04Open Team15Male28
3197S.m.a.d 03:08:29Mixed Team14Male29
32181The Best Run Ever 03:09:21Mixed Team15Male30
3321Cooee Cannonballs 03:09:29Open Team16Male31
3440Got the Runs 03:10:52Mixed Team16Male32
3572Nsrg 03:11:40Mixed Team17Male33
3635Front Runner A Team - 3 03:13:21Female Team3Female3
3712004Team Earner 03:13:36Mixed Team18Male34
389BT RunClub Girls 03:14:15Female Team4Female4
39200Bmpa 03:14:21Mixed Team19Male35
4093Rosie & Kimber 03:15:30Mixed Team20Male36
4112007Tumeke Runners 03:15:53Mixed Team21Male37
42128The Decrepit Allstars 03:15:57Mixed Team22Male38
43151Wine Birds 03:16:41Female Team5Female5
4423Cooee CrossFit Speedsters 03:17:21Mixed Team23Male39
45163Gen XY Falcons 03:17:25Open Team17Male40
46164Jesus gave me pants 03:18:09Mixed Team24Male41
47196The Kelly Gang 2 03:18:16Female Team6Female6
4841Green Stars 03:18:27Female Team7Female7
4938Go Team 03:18:47Mixed Team25Male42
50131The Maldivians 03:19:00Open Team18Male43
Page 1 of 5 (224 items)

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