Alcoa Dusk till Dawn 12hour MTB Challenge
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24 Nov 2012
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1148Quad Wembly Cycles 111:27:56Quads1Male1
2167Duo Thunder Down Under11:34:07Duo1Male2
344Trio Tbe Belmont11:47:30Trio1Male3
471Trio Speedlite11:27:17Trio2Male4
5398Trio Rock N Roll 111:36:44Trio3Male5
6161Trio Redonkulous11:46:31Trio4Male6
7340Quad Terry Tibbs Terrific Trio + 111:51:13Quads2Male7
8151Quad Ioar B Team11:24:59Quads3Male8
9321Quad Midland Cycles11:27:50Quads4Male9
10200Jason Auld11:28:08Solo 40+1Male10
11172Trio All Night Allright11:29:38Trio Mixed1Male11
12197Trio Comitted Cycles11:32:31Trio5Male12
13240Trio Vampire2911:33:40Trio Mixed2Male13
1416Quad Spunk Knuckles11:39:22Quads5Male14
15401Trio Rock N Roll 211:39:31Trio6Male15
16307Quad Rota-M11:48:09Quads6Male16
17328Duo The Lebowskis11:51:16Duo2Male17
18169Trio Avocado Tomato Carrot11:52:23Trio1Female1
19137Quad Ioar A Team11:52:44Quads7Male18
2080Duo PsychOlisT11:58:23Duo3Male19
21194Trio Gorton's Buffet11:07:09Trio7Male20
22252Trio Granny Gear11:14:00Trio8Male21
2367Trio Rock N Roll 411:19:38Trio9Male22
2491Trio Bean Extreme11:20:22Trio10Male23
25109Trio Dan's House Of Pruyn11:22:12Trio11Male24
26280Trio Perth Airport - Delta11:22:53Trio12Male25
27128Trio Prestige Honda11:23:56Trio13Male26
28311Duo Gongsterz11:26:31Duo4Male27
2938Quad The Ghof's11:28:00Quads8Male28
3034Trio Roaring 40's11:30:41Trio14Male29
3174Quad Chairman Mow And The Wee Chaps11:31:19Quads Mixed1Male30
32141Trio Fast And Furious11:36:15Trio15Male31
33217Quad Rock Knockers 111:36:34Quads9Male32
34289Trio Perth Airport - Zulu11:36:39Trio16Male33
35203Trio Team Triple-Sec11:37:29Trio17Male34
36150Mike Daws11:37:41Solo1Male35
37243Duo Malaga Dj's11:42:19Duo5Male36
38409Trio Rock N Roll 511:44:22Trio18Male37
39263Trio Hale And No Pace11:45:37Trio19Male38
409917Andrew Outhwaite11:48:09Solo2Male39
4178Duo Woop Woop11:52:32Duo6Male40
4282Duo Meat Is Murder11:53:12Duo7Male41
43313Trio Shy Teds 211:53:51Trio20Male42
44190Trio Watch Out For That Tr...11:55:25Trio21Male43
45320Trio Team Bang Bus11:55:48Trio22Male44
4695Quad 4gu11:57:26Quads10Male45
47404Trio Rock N Roll 311:58:55Trio Mixed3Male46
4863Trio The Hope Fools10:45:04Trio23Male47
4987Quad Team Cooee11:12:24Quads11Male48
5066Trio Cnb11:12:43Trio Mixed4Male49
Page 1 of 4 (168 items)

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