2014 HBF Rottnest Channel Swim
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22 February 2014
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1909The Herbert Voigt Tribute 05:00:10150+1Male115:38 min/km
21378Ten Bondi Rescue 05:05:16100+1Male215:53 min/km
31206Survey Group Swimmers 05:28:04100+2Male317:05 min/km
41381Lion Team 05:33:50100+3Male417:23 min/km
51212RottnestforRhysteam1 05:34:54100+ Mixed1Mixed117:26 min/km
61208DPS Swans 05:35:17100+ Mixed2Mixed217:27 min/km
7701Bondi who? 05:36:0456+1Male517:30 min/km
8904Brookfield Multiplex Fish 05:39:26150+2Male617:40 min/km
91214Green Arrow Swim Team 05:46:14100+4Male718:01 min/km
101200Team Lucivero 05:52:34100+5Male818:21 min/km
111049Lavan Legal 05:53:40150+ Mixed1Mixed318:25 min/km
12702Flash Gordons 05:54:4856+2Male918:28 min/km
13906PB Towage 05:55:09150+3Male1018:29 min/km
141050Fero 05:55:45150+4Male1118:31 min/km
151204Mermaid Marine Australia Limited 05:56:16100+ Mixed3Mixed418:33 min/km
16908Numb Nutz 05:56:45150+5Male1218:34 min/km
171207DPSWA Mermaids 06:01:58100+ Mixed4Mixed518:51 min/km
181058Livers 4 Life 06:06:45150+ Mixed2Mixed619:06 min/km
19902Modern Men 06:13:19150+6Male1319:26 min/km
201379Ten News Team 06:17:27100+ Mixed5Mixed719:39 min/km
211213Perkins TPD 06:19:54100+6Male1419:47 min/km
221056Aurora BLAC 06:24:02150+ Mixed3Mixed820:00 min/km
23901Wrays 06:24:30150+ Mixed4Mixed920:01 min/km
241205Awesome Auspole 06:25:22100+ Mixed6Mixed1020:04 min/km
251202Hurry Up Doug 06:27:00100+ Mixed7Mixed1120:09 min/km
26907PBSeaTow 06:41:27150+7Male1520:54 min/km
271215Brookfield Multiplex Minnows 06:42:32100+1Female120:57 min/km
28700Sharkbait! Hoo ha ha! 06:44:3556+ Mixed1Mixed1221:04 min/km
29903Sharkpods 06:49:01150+1Female221:18 min/km
301209Brierty Hard CORE 06:49:13100+7Male1621:18 min/km
311380NSA All Aboriginal Relay Team 06:49:32100+ Mixed8Mixed1321:19 min/km
321210Brierty LEGENDS 06:54:47100+8Male1721:36 min/km
33900Galleria Toyota 07:02:54150+ Mixed5Mixed1422:01 min/km
341384Rottnest Island Authority 07:03:14100+ Mixed9Mixed1522:02 min/km
35905Cott2Rott 07:21:47150+ Mixed6Mixed1623:00 min/km
36910Round-Number-Two 09:10:05150+8Male1828:39 min/km
1048The West Australian DNS150+ Male  min/km
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