2014 HBF Rottnest Channel Swim
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22 Feb 2014
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
11382Rottnest Express 03:47:29100+1Male111:50 min/km
21242Subiaco Sports Massage 03:56:56100+2Male212:20 min/km
3753City Slayers 04:03:3456+1Male312:41 min/km
4754Millsy'S Minions 04:09:2456+ Mixed1Mixed112:59 min/km
5782Team Swag 04:20:0556+2Male413:32 min/km
6916This Isn't The Pier To Pub 04:27:50150+ Mixed1Mixed213:56 min/km
7705Let's Just Go Swimming 04:29:5356+3Male514:03 min/km
81267Funtoms 04:31:49100+3Male614:09 min/km
9710Trigg Young fellas 04:33:0556+4Male714:13 min/km
101388Men From Mares 04:34:59100+ Mixed1Mixed314:19 min/km
11939Sweet Lips 04:36:03150+ Mixed2Mixed414:22 min/km
12743Team Litt Up 04:38:5756+5Male814:31 min/km
13974Perth City Fast Guyz 04:43:54150+1Male914:47 min/km
14751Bicton Recreational Activity Enthusiasts 04:44:2256+6Male1014:48 min/km
151302IB Swimmers 04:44:55100+4Male1114:50 min/km
16786Ocean Warriors 04:52:1656+7Male1215:13 min/km
171319Sperm Whales 04:55:39100+5Male1315:23 min/km
181306Fast Laydeez Of The Dawn 04:55:40100+1Female115:23 min/km
19745Swim For The Cure 04:56:2756+1Female215:26 min/km
201012Once More 04:56:39150+2Male1415:27 min/km
211221Grassy Knoll x2 04:56:56100+ Mixed2Mixed515:27 min/km
22733Beauties And The Beasts 04:58:3656+ Mixed2Mixed615:33 min/km
23976ERA SLC 04:59:34150+3Male1515:36 min/km
24727Cottesloe Surf Club Grommets 05:00:1156+8Male1615:38 min/km
251244Steamin Seamen Jr 05:01:02100+6Male1715:40 min/km
261028Day Without The Kids 05:01:15150+1Female315:41 min/km
27752The Master Baiters 05:01:3056+9Male1815:42 min/km
28983Alcock Family 05:01:45150+ Mixed3Mixed715:42 min/km
291235BVS 05:01:59150+4Male1915:43 min/km
301300Richard's Making Me Do This.... 05:04:02100+7Male2015:50 min/km
311301Snelly's Tugs 05:05:50100+8Male2115:55 min/km
32708Cuttinitfine 05:07:0556+ Mixed3Mixed815:59 min/km
331227The Eamon Murphy Tribute Swim 05:11:09100+9Male2216:12 min/km
34711Resilience 05:11:1056+10Male2316:12 min/km
35756Murdoch Vet Kids 05:11:3756+ Mixed4Mixed916:13 min/km
369914 For Shore 05:11:55150+ Mixed4Mixed1016:14 min/km
371041Phar Lap 05:13:52150+5Male2416:20 min/km
381376Nah Receppo 05:14:05100+10Male2516:21 min/km
3913632 Motors 2 Anchors 05:15:35100+ Mixed3Mixed1116:26 min/km
401262A Magpie; A Tiger and Two Eagles 05:15:37100+ Mixed4Mixed1216:26 min/km
41749Catfish O'Neil 05:15:5156+11Male2616:27 min/km
42956Baileys Marine Fuels 05:15:53150+6Male2716:27 min/km
431053Rottnest Express 05:16:19150+ Mixed5Mixed1316:28 min/km
44721ICEA Animals 05:16:3556+12Male2816:29 min/km
451009Fruitateers 05:20:01150+7Male2916:40 min/km
46808Global Electrotech 05:20:14200+1Male3016:40 min/km
471323Team Warbo 05:20:22100+ Mixed5Mixed1416:41 min/km
48730Somu 05:21:1256+2Female416:43 min/km
491360Bishies 05:21:16100+ Mixed6Mixed1516:43 min/km
501311Sir Stroke A Lot 05:21:38100+11Male3116:45 min/km
Page 1 of 9 (414 items)

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