2014 HBF Rottnest Channel Swim
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22 Feb 2014
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1555Last Years Hero's 04:11:2450+1Male113:05 min/km
2575Moz and Gaz 04:14:1850+2Male213:14 min/km
3543Finance 365 04:17:0350+3Male313:23 min/km
4319Sacha 04:22:4628+1Female113:41 min/km
5358SharedMuffins 04:33:1975+ Mixed1Mixed114:14 min/km
6558New Dads Retreat 04:44:2050+4Male414:48 min/km
7353On The Double 04:44:2928+2Female214:49 min/km
8533Stingray And The Rhino 04:46:3350+5Male514:55 min/km
9348Caitliver Beasts 04:46:4628+ Mixed1Mixed214:56 min/km
10368Doc And The Chemist 04:47:4675+ Mixed2Mixed314:59 min/km
11320de Vries 04:51:0928+ Mixed2Mixed415:09 min/km
12522Beers by Noon! 04:51:2875+1Male615:10 min/km
13364Chinny and Skinny 04:55:1750+ Mixed1Mixed515:22 min/km
14512Pressed Earth 04:56:5550+6Male715:27 min/km
15534Our Arms Hurt 04:57:1828+1Male815:29 min/km
16545Fast Food 04:58:1228+2Male915:31 min/km
17381UnleySA 04:58:4650+ Mixed2Mixed615:33 min/km
1856620-Oct 04:59:0450+7Male1015:34 min/km
19333Double Trouble 05:00:3375+ Mixed3Mixed715:39 min/km
20531Kangacamels 05:06:4250+8Male1115:58 min/km
21334Team Kendall 05:10:0528+ Mixed3Mixed816:09 min/km
22568Eyeseaya 05:10:1028+3Male1216:09 min/km
23508Y - Knot 05:14:2875+2Male1316:22 min/km
24506Are We There Yet? 05:15:1150+9Male1416:24 min/km
25528Brads Thirsty 05:18:2875+3Male1516:35 min/km
26562Croatsnfriends 05:19:2550+10Male1616:38 min/km
27550Two Blokes 05:19:2775+4Male1716:38 min/km
28577The Billecart Salmons 05:21:4175+5Male1816:45 min/km
29317WA Assets 05:24:2175+1Female316:53 min/km
30570Vikings 05:26:2175+6Male1916:59 min/km
31326Destroyers of Salmon 05:27:2628+3Female417:03 min/km
32316Fish 'N Chicks 05:28:1950+1Female517:05 min/km
33542Catch That Donarto 05:29:5475+7Male2017:10 min/km
34535Glorious Basterds 05:30:3550+11Male2117:13 min/km
35362B1 and B2 05:30:4950+2Female617:13 min/km
36378Team Australia and America 05:31:0475+2Female717:14 min/km
37520Full Circle Marine 05:32:0075+8Male2217:17 min/km
38540Freestylin' Fur Seals II 05:32:5928+4Male2317:20 min/km
39549Return of the Shrimps 05:35:2928+5Male2417:28 min/km
40579Two Cans 05:36:4428+6Male2517:32 min/km
41354The Terry's 05:36:5575+3Female817:32 min/km
42553Risky Business 05:37:0450+12Male2617:33 min/km
43336Swimming Siblings 05:37:0850+ Mixed3Mixed917:33 min/km
44340Flying Fishettes 05:37:2675+4Female917:34 min/km
45302The Amigos 05:39:09100+ Mixed1Mixed1017:39 min/km
46524Morton & Edgar 05:39:23100+1Male2717:40 min/km
47572CJ 05:42:0575+9Male2817:49 min/km
48345Swim to Breathe 05:42:2728+4Female1017:50 min/km
49308JAG 05:43:2875+ Mixed4Mixed1117:53 min/km
50556The Boys 05:44:0075+10Male2917:55 min/km
Page 1 of 4 (163 items)

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