Act-Belong-Commit Augusta Adventure Fest
3 Nov 2013


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PosRace NoNameTimeCategoryCat PosGenderGen Pos
17Braden Currie03:28:51Prime (18-39)1Male1
2606 Team Crank'n Cycles03:34:10Male Team1Male2
32Dougal Allan03:38:39Prime (18-39)2Male3
4407 Hewitt and Mozel03:39:06Team of 21Male4
5556 Handsome Idiots03:46:50Male Team2Male5
6589 Roaring Forties03:47:29Veteran Team1Male6
7608 Team Mauritius03:47:39Male Team3Male7
8378 Rampaging Reece and Juggernaut Jordan03:48:54Junior Team1Male8
9577 My Anaconda don't want none until you've got buns 03:50:09Male Team4Male9
108Matt Duncan03:50:11Prime (18-39)3Male10
11432 Stu&Gary03:51:17Team of 22Male11
12564 KD CYCLES03:55:22Veteran Team2Male12
13226 MCINTYRE & MICKLE03:55:29Team of 23Male13
14150 Think Kayak Eight8's03:58:03Male Team5Male14
151Jared Kohler03:58:06Prime (18-39)4Male15
16445 Toominatricks04:00:37Team of 24Male16
175Luke Osborne04:02:07Prime (18-39)5Male17
18431 Stephen & Cy04:02:34Team of 25Male18
19679 GoingPro04:04:16Mixed Team1Male19
20772 8 Deadly Shins04:07:34Junior Team2Male20
21583 Overduegites04:08:35Veteran Team3Male21
2294Eoghan Mckenna04:09:26Prime (18-39)6Male22
23292Paul Gardner04:09:58Veteran (40-49)1Male23
24438 Team Think Kayak WA04:10:11Team of 26Male24
25259Mike Oscar Barton04:11:47Veteran (40-49)2Male25
26622 The Mount Martha Icebergers04:13:23Male Team6Male26
2732Tom Chadbourne04:13:29Prime (18-39)7Male27
28529 Back for More!04:13:35Male Team7Male28
29762 Unbreakables04:13:37Mixed Team2Male29
3047Andrew Elliott04:13:57Prime (18-39)8Male30
31603 Team ADAPT04:14:01Veteran Team4Male31
323Justin Porteous04:14:21Prime (18-39)9Male32
33521Freeman / Kiely / Dorricott 04:14:32Mixed Team3Male33
349Robert Lim04:14:53Veteran (40-49)3Male34
35677 GLRS inc04:15:01Veteran Team5Male35
36574 Mixed bag04:15:34Veteran Team6Male36
37197James West04:16:02Prime (18-39)10Male37
38102Jess Simson04:16:52Prime (18-39)1Female1
39384 04:17:32Team of 27Male38
40456 Bring it on04:18:05Veteran Team of 21Male39
41541 Cruel Sea04:18:59Veteran Team7Male40
4235Buck Cockman04:19:15Prime (18-39)11Male41
4310Aaron Dodd04:19:21Prime (18-39)12Male42
44523 4MK04:19:31Male Team8Male43
45590 Scarboro old boys04:19:51Veteran Team8Male44
46343Leigh Willison04:19:54Veteran (40-49)4Male45
47330Blake Stevenson04:20:20Veteran (40-49)5Male46
48538 City Beach Bears04:20:29Veteran Team9Male47
49338Kevin White04:20:32Veteran (40-49)6Male48
50576 MTM Physiotherapy04:20:35Male Team9Male49
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