Bloomberg Square Mile Relay Singapore
24 Oct 2013


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PosRace NoNameTimeCategoryCat PosGenderGen Pos
16Macquarie 00:54:04Team1Male1
2138F1 RUNNERS' TEAM 1 00:55:29Team2Male2
375Barclays 00:55:56Team3Male3
410Morgan Stanley 2 00:56:43Team4Male4
525Standard Chartered Bank 5 00:58:54Team5Male5
653SAXO CAPITAL MARKETS 00:59:43Team6Male6
758Great Eastern LIfe 2 01:01:16Team7Male7
8104Bloomberg Dream Team 01:01:30Team8Male8
9159SMRT CORPORATION LTD 01:01:37Team9Male9
10112SCHRODERS 1 01:02:50Team10Male10
11165Virgin Active 01:03:29Team11Male11
1277ABN AMRO Bank NV 01:03:30Team12Male12
138SportCares 01:04:19Team13Male13
14131Propex Singapore Pte Ltd 01:04:30Team14Male14
15125National Australia Bank 2 01:04:30Team15Male15
167CLSA 01:04:40Team16Male16
1784INSEAD United Runners Club of Singapore 01:04:50Team17Male17
1834HSBC 01:04:50Team18Male18
1987ANZ Running Club 01:04:55Team19Male19
20162Citi 4 01:05:14Team20Male20
2190ING Team Alpha 01:05:22Team21Male21
22100Temasek 01:05:55Team22Male22
2315BBSP Pte Ltd 01:06:23Team23Male23
24135SGX 1 01:06:44Team24Male24
251033M Innovation Singapore 01:06:54Team25Male25
2672Great Eastern LIfe 3 01:07:17Team26Male26
27123Team SSC 01:07:32Team27Male27
2811Ashurst LLP 01:07:47Team28Male28
2957Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation 01:08:04Team29Male29
3062Ambition Group 1 01:08:22Team30Male30
3192Aviva Investors Asia Pte Ltd 01:08:26Team31Male31
3265Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited 2 01:08:40Team32Male32
3378Mitsubishi Corporation RtM International 01:08:41Team33Male33
3467Cycle & Carriage Industries Pte Ltd 01:08:46Team34Male34
3519Chandler Corporation 01:08:48Team35Male35
3621Watson Farley & Williams Asia Practice 01:08:50Team36Male36
3747Google 01:08:50Team37Male37
38136Atos 2 01:08:56Team38Male38
39118DAUN Consulting 01:09:15Team39Male39
4091ING Team AA 01:09:22Team40Male40
41126Sumito Mitsui Banking Corporation 01:09:44Team41Male41
4276Barclays 2 01:10:00Team42Male42
43155Noble Resources Pte Ltd 01:10:06Team43Male43
449Les Amis Holdings Pte Ltd 01:10:11Team44Male44
4580Glencore 01:10:39Team45Male45
4664DZ BANK AG 01:10:41Team46Male46
4732Standard Chartered Talented Ten 01:10:42Team47Male47
4888Cushman & Wakefield 01:10:56Team48Male48
49111ABN AMRO NV 3 01:11:13Team49Male49
5027Mile-y Cyrus Support Group 01:11:13Team50Male50
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