Collie Adventure Race 2013
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12 Oct 2013
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
140Crank'n Cycles Rocks Socks 03:08:48Open Team1Male1
239Crank'n Cycles 'n cat 03:18:46Open Team2Male2
321Kris PLAIN03:31:32Ironman1Male3
412Paul GARDNER03:36:56Ironman2Male4
515Dan JEFFREYS03:41:04Ironman3Male5
617Robert LIM03:41:45Ironman4Male6
738Avon Stunt Team 03:42:12Open Team3Male7
851Willetton Wanderers 03:44:38Open Team4Male8
930Leigh WILLISON03:45:58Ironman5Male9
108John CARROLL03:53:04Ironman6Male10
117Nigel ADCOCK03:55:57Ironman7Male11
1226Jason SNELL03:56:49Ironman8Male12
1316Romain KABS03:57:53Ironman9Male13
1413Pete GILL03:58:50Ironman10Male14
1561Wiese Duo 03:59:20Veteran Team1Male15
162Kristen GADSDON04:00:17Ironwoman1Female1
1710Brett EDELMAN04:03:04Ironman11Male16
1859Moz is a God 04:09:27Veteran Team2Male17
1955Beserkers 04:12:37Veteran Team3Male18
2056Day Dreamers 04:13:52Veteran Team4Male19
2157Delusions of Omnipotence 04:15:27Supervet Team1Male20
2224Maurice ROBSON04:18:26Ironman12Male21
2363Aged To Perfection 04:18:29Supervet Team2Male22
2432Crank'n Kids 04:21:24Junior Team1Male23
2558Go grumpy old men 04:23:34Veteran Team5Male24
2677Cow tipping numbats 04:24:58Open Team5Male25
2752Wok don't run 04:25:07Open Team6Male26
2871We can do it 04:25:35Supervet Team3Male27
2953Woop Woop 04:26:09Open Team7Male28
3018Benjamin MARTON04:29:24Ironman13Male29
3150Wet n Dry 04:30:42Open Team8Male30
3270Steelers 04:30:51Supervet Team4Male31
334Kimiko HOLDER04:33:18Ironwoman2Female2
3445Pinus Pinastars 04:37:17Open Team9Male32
3523Struan RICHARDS04:39:03Ironman14Male33
3662Aged in oak 04:41:44Supervet Team5Male34
3741Eddies and Roadies 04:42:08Open Team10Male35
3829Harry WIGGERS04:42:13Ironman15Male36
3920James PINNINGTON04:43:21Ironman16Male37
4022Murray RICHARDS04:44:07Ironman17Male38
4128Richard WARD04:48:32Ironman18Male39
4231Collie juniors! 04:48:35Junior Team2Male40
4344Ma & Pa & the kids 04:49:01Open Team11Male41
4436Victorious Secret 04:49:45Female Team1Male42
455Jenny JONES04:51:46Ironwoman3Female3
4669Irrational Exuberance 04:52:22Supervet Team6Male43
4766Brew 42 04:53:57Supervet Team7Male44
4848Team Doral 2013 04:54:35Open Team12Male45
4960The fun ones 04:55:05Veteran Team6Male46
5037Voluntold 04:55:37Female Team2Male47
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