Race Around Rottnest
21 Sep 2013


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PosRace NoNameTimeCategoryCat PosGenderGen Pos
1164Rottnest Raiders 01:36:49Team of 41Male1
2178The No Sweaters 01:46:00Team of 42Male2
38Kevin WHITE01:49:37Open1Male3
4171Blood on the Tarmac 02:01:33Team of 43Male4
5147Rookies 02:01:41Team of 31Male5
6163lights and sirens 02:01:49Team of 4 Mixed1Male6
72Simon BEDBROOK02:03:00Open2Male7
81Dale WESLEY02:03:52Open3Male8
9106Domino 02:05:18Team of 21Male9
10170Noah's Warriors 02:07:35Team of 4 Mixed2Male10
11107Team Harley 02:07:39Team of 2 Mixed1Male11
12169Salty Salards 02:07:59Team of 44Male12
13177Pinkies Peloton 02:08:46Team of 45Male13
14159Temple's Trotters 02:09:06Team of 4 Mixed3Male14
15172Team Shacklebear 02:10:00Team of 4 Mixed4Male15
16101Bahen Trains 02:10:31Team of 2 Mixed2Male16
17174Family P-B 02:11:01Team of 4 Mixed5Male17
18108Bainiac's 02:11:04Team of 22Male18
19165Havana Club 02:11:16Team of 46Male19
20161Fitness Results North Fremantle 02:12:09Team of 4 Mixed6Male20
21168Keslake 02:13:10Team of 47Male21
22146Team BLT 02:13:17Team of 32Male22
23105the wizards 02:14:59Team of 23Male23
246Asher VUKELIC02:16:42Open4Male24
25166Irrational Exuberance Again! 02:17:30Team of 4 Mixed7Male25
2617Brad GILDERSLEEVE02:17:52Open5Male26
2711Karsten MICHAEL02:19:34Open6Male27
2816John EDWARDS02:20:08Open7Male28
2914Grant LEWIS02:20:47Open8Male29
3012Steve WHALLEY02:24:08Open9Male30
3110Tom SHALDERS02:24:49Open10Male31
32175Rottnest Island Authority 02:29:24Team of 4 Mixed8Male32
333Lee BARKER02:30:18Open11Male33
34162SINCLAIR 02:31:25Team of 4 Mixed9Male34
35173The Patrons 02:32:10Team of 4 Mixed10Male35
36104Bainhurst 02:34:22Team of 21Female1
37167Butter Up 02:41:43Team of 48Male36
3813Peggy Sue WHALLEY02:46:23Open1Female2
3915Mark SMITH02:55:43Open12Male37
40176Mainpeak 02:58:44Team of 4 Mixed11Male38
4118Simon STOLTON03:16:06Open13Male39
4Georgina BARKERDNSOpenFemale
5Michael CROSSDNSOpenMale
9Jason BENTDNSOpenMale
19Duncan HeyesQueryOpenMale
20Andrew FORRESTDNSOpenMale
102The Boners DNSTeam of 2Male
103Vigorous Holliday DNSTeam of 2Male
Page 1 of 2 (51 items)