Anaconda Adventure Race Augusta
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4 Nov 2012
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
11Braden CURRIE03:50:59Open (18-39)1Male1
2350 Bunbury Chiro Adventure Team03:52:06Male Team of 41Male2
3504 Handsome Idiots03:57:55Male Team of 42Male3
4476 The One Armed Veritys03:59:59Male Team of 43Male4
52Jarad KOHLAR04:00:11Open (18-39)2Male5
65James PRETTO04:05:28Open (18-39)3Male6
7548 Team Total Triathlon04:06:09Male Team of 44Male7
8362 Reece and Jordan04:10:50Junior Team1Male8
9630 Mixed Bag04:12:38Male Team of 45Male9
10660 Super tapers04:14:09Mixed Team of 41Male10
11735 Roaring Forties04:15:11Vet Team of 41Male11
1225Rhys BOWEN04:15:59Open (18-39)4Male12
1318Michael BAKER04:17:53Open (18-39)5Male13
14537 tba@tba.com04:19:43Male Team of 46Male14
15486 Big Tickers04:20:43Male Team of 47Male15
16258Benjamin HEWITT04:21:57Veteran (40-49)1Male16
17515 Mandurah CWADs04:24:36Male Team of 48Male17
184Gavin MASON04:25:07Open (18-39)6Male18
1949Matt DUNCAN04:25:59Open (18-39)7Male19
20480 AVON STUNT TEAM04:27:05Male Team of 49Male20
21759 WATERED DOWN FIVE04:27:25Vet Team of 42Male21
2247Aaron DODD04:27:39Open (18-39)8Male22
23638 Payne Barrier04:27:58Mixed Team of 42Male23
2487Murray MCINTYRE04:29:41Open (18-39)9Male24
25607 GO PRO04:30:28Mixed Team of 43Male25
26546 Team Quokka04:30:40Male Team of 410Male26
27542 TBC - Stewart Mason04:31:00Male Team of 411Male27
28705 Befat04:31:18Male Team of 412Male28
2922Keiron BENSON04:31:26Open (18-39)10Male29
30373 ALL DAY ALL DAY04:31:37Open Team of 21Male30
31307Leigh WILLISON04:32:12Veteran (40-49)2Male31
32592 Don't Tell Jazz04:32:22Mixed Team of 44Male32
338Deanna BLEGG04:33:11Veteran (40-49)1Female1
34183Michael Oscar BARTON04:33:14Veteran (40-49)3Male33
35364 The Four Amigos04:33:41Junior Team2Male34
36662 Team Aussie Campers04:34:33Mixed Team of 45Male35
373Alex POPE04:34:40Open (18-39)11Male36
38290Cameron SHAKESPEARE04:35:17Veteran (40-49)4Male37
3945Stephane DELLAC04:35:27Open (18-39)12Male38
40255Paul GARDINER04:36:42Veteran (40-49)5Male39
41471 Think Kayak Western Australia04:36:56Female Team of 41Female2
42633 Not So Nutty04:37:33Mixed Team of 46Male40
43173James WEST04:40:10Open (18-39)13Male41
44503 Fulleskies04:40:24Mixed Team of 47Male42
45267Rob LIM04:40:35Veteran (40-49)6Male43
46388 Downer twins04:41:38Open Team of 22Male44
47711 Cruel Sea04:41:51Vet Team of 43Male45
48532 SMART ARNOLD Young Guns04:43:07Male Team of 413Male46
49603 Fully Sick04:43:08Mixed Team of 48Male47
50556 The Lance Armstrong Experience04:43:23Male Team of 414Male48
Page 1 of 14 (661 items)

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