Avon Descent 2010
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7 Aug 2010
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1352Hank MCGREGOR11:07:58Single Kayak1Male1
2318Kevin WHITE11:20:20Single Kayak2Male2
3350Daryl BARTHO11:23:34Single Kayak3Male3
4351Brett BARTHO11:25:21Single Kayak4Male4
5369Darryl LONG11:34:08Single Kayak5Male5
6565Crew WILKIE / FARRELY / BOWKER / RODGERS11:54:10Team of 4 Single1Male6
7320Matt COUTTS12:00:45Single Kayak6Male7
8487Crew Coates / Fisk / Ballard / Keelan12:01:25Team of 4 Single2Male8
9404Brendon SARSON12:14:25Long Plastic1Male9
10383Travis ENGLAND12:28:02Single Surf Ski1Male10
11575Crew Carrick / Huitenga12:28:59Team of 2 Single1Male11
12307Stephen MYERS12:33:24Single Kayak7Male12
13353Mark MULDER12:34:33Single Kayak8Male13
14823Jarad KOHLAR12:36:09Long Plastic2Male14
15586Crew Gamble / Civil12:41:51Team of 2 Single2Male15
16497Crew GARDINER / ECKSTEIN12:43:23Team of 2 Single3Male16
17313Brendan RICE12:46:55Single Kayak9Male17
18591Crew Leech / Nossitor12:48:57Team of 2 Single4Male18
19425Crew Worthy / Genovesi12:51:48Double Kayak1Male19
20815David GRAHAM12:54:18Long Plastic3Male20
21768Glen ELDON12:57:01Long Plastic4Male21
22926Brodie HOLMES12:58:07Long Plastic5Male22
23434Crew Slater / Tomczak12:59:38Double Kayak2Male23
24378Steve KANE13:00:51Single Surf Ski2Male24
25861James DUNCAN13:00:55Long Plastic6Male25
26863Matt DUNCAN13:05:27Long Plastic7Male26
27848Michael SNELL13:09:02Long Plastic8Male27
28310Grant PEPPER13:11:04Single Kayak10Male28
29403Paul GILL13:18:13Single Surf Ski3Male29
30339Damien CATRAN13:23:14Single Kayak11Male30
31802Alan ALBERT13:27:52Long Plastic9Male31
32354Carter JOHNSON13:30:30Long Plastic10Male32
33758Peter LEAVERSUCH13:33:40Long Plastic11Male33
34463Crew Donnelly / Gatti13:34:01Double Surf Ski1Male34
35372Tony CURTIS13:34:12Single Surf Ski4Male35
36521Crew Hibben / Baird13:38:57Team of 2 Single5Male36
37323John HILTON13:43:15Single Kayak12Male37
38519Crew Cross / Cross13:49:42Team of 2 Single6Male38
39300Joshua KIPPIN13:52:17Single Kayak13Male39
40851Brad HEADLING13:56:16Long Plastic12Male40
41548Crew Rice / Bennett / Seaton / Wiland14:05:36Team of 4 Single3Male41
42423Crew Innes / Greenwood14:05:46Double Kayak3Male42
43544Crew Evans / Brooke-Smith14:10:06Team of 2 Single7Male43
44345Daniel HOCKING14:11:14Single Kayak Wild1Male44
45774Samuel MAURICE14:11:20Long Plastic13Male45
46533Crew JONES / BROOKS14:18:51Team of 2 Single8Male46
47868Stuart MORIARTY14:19:40Long Plastic14Male47
48333Andrew HEWLETT14:20:23Single Kayak14Male48
49348Darryl CAMPBELL14:22:07Single Kayak15Male49
50928Jane HUMPHRYS14:23:06Long Plastic1Female1
Page 1 of 12 (551 items)

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